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All right! Solar power is alive at a Ford Michigan plant to build and charge cars. Good thinking guys!

“Ford Motor Company is teaming with Detroit Edison, Xtreme Power and the state of Michigan to establish one of the largest solar power generation systems in the state at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant.”

Want to WIN a free Ford Fiesta in a super cool sweepstakes Ford is having! Enter here NOW.

“43 fans will have their own chance to win a Fiesta in new on-line campaign.”

Here is the link to enter before the end of September.

OK, hold still. I need you to focus on this for a minute. Direct your attention to this Focus and tell me what you see. 866 699 7684 Four airbags are standard, and rear seats include headrests. Ford offers two series on the coupe, the SE and SES; and four on the sedan, the S, SE, sporty SES, and luxury SEL. New for 2010, Ford’s MyKey, Message Center, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, remote keyless entry and power door locks are standard on all series.

TODAY is the Free Dinner & a Movie with a test drive event at Future Ford of Sacramento!

Today you can get dinner and a movie when you test drive a vehicle! See details and schedule your test drive on our website:

What a great guy Bill Ford is! He puts company and employees first. This pays off in more ways than one.

“When Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. said he would work for free until the company was profitable, he really meant it.”

It feels GREAT to see Ford supporting our troops! Check out these videos!

“Ford launched Operation Drive One to honor the men and women of the military, donating $20 per test drive for the National Military Family Association through Drive one 4 UR Troops.”

When customers talk, Ford listens. If you loved the Explorer before – just wait until you see this!

“Ford Explorer Program Manager, Julie Levine describes how the all new Explorer is being put to the test in a series of different on and off-road tests designed to drive quality and fuel economy improvements.”

Ford invests in shaping the minds of tomorrow with a dozen plus grants. Way to go!

“This year, Ford awarded 13 University Research Program (URP) grants to 12 different universities around the globe, including Wayne State University in Detroit; Stanford University in Palo Alto, California; RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany; and Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.”

The Mustang is featured in new Hawaii Five-O! So COOL! Watch the exclusive preview!

“McGarrett’s classic Mercury Brougham returns–but now, Danno drives a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0.”

August 17 is the LAST day to see Gee Whiz Geology exhibit! Bring your kids and have some fun with us!

“Start off your adventure by learning about two pioneers who discovered that the artifacts “devil’s toenails” and “snakestones” were actually skeletons of mysterious creatures from thousands of years ago!”