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This SHOCKING Ford video was banned because of the horrific ending for the cameraman. Careful!

“Contains nice music. Turn volume to max +. This commercial didn’t get in TV because something strange happened while they were making the film.”

You are NOT going to believe what happens in the police chase with a Ford Mustang. Watch now and share at will!

“Watch this… I’m not gonna spoil it.”

Free Thought Day at Cesar Chavez Park is TODAY! Everyone go and get some thoughts for free, or give some away.

“Freethought Day 2010. This year’s theme is Equality for ALL. Join us for a celebration of church/state separation, reason over superstition. Free Speakers and entertainment and plenty of information tables. Suitable for all ages and walks of life. Sponsored by the Sacramento Coalition of Reason and endorsed by the Sacramento City Council.”

Family History Day at the California State Archives is TODAY. Go there to find out where you came from!

“Who’s in your family tree? People in period clothing will greet & mingle among attendees at Family History Day 2010 at the California State Archives. Enjoy 20+ classes for beginner to experienced researchers; Preservation Lab classes; research in the Root Cellar Genealogical Society Library; Archives tours.”

Old Sacramento Underground Tour, October 10! I have heard of raising the roof, but raising the STREET? Cool!

“Underground tour visitors will have the opportunity to view disappearing windows and doors, dipping alleyways, exposed retaining walls, walk into underground hollow sidewalks and tour historic buildings all while being entertained and educated by costumed tour guides and docents who portray characters true to the period.”;_ylc=X3oDMTFtYnNhc2ZhBF9TAzk3MzQ4NjA1BF9wAzEEcGlkA0UtNjY5ODE0MgRwb3MDOTYEc2VjA2VzcnAEc2xrA2RldA–;_ylv=3

Ford is on a roll by pushing sustainability levels and better MPG with less waste.

“Thanks to a tremendous effort from the entire Ford team, the completely redesigned Explorer SUV is going to set new standards for fuel efficiency in its segment, boasting fuel-economy improvements of more than 30 percent. But that’s just one way—albeit an important one—that the Blue Oval is taking an environmentally friendly approach to this important new vehicle.”

Is it possible to have the most powerful diesel engine ever and improve fuel economy? Ford F-Series knocks it out of the park!

“It’s another record for the Blue Oval: Beginning in August, the company began packing its 2011 F-Series Super Duty with the most powerful diesel engine every used in a heavy-duty pickup. But not only has the big truck’s turbocharged 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 been upgraded to produce 400 hp and a ground-shaking 800 lb-ft of torque—best-in-class numbers in both measures—but it will also deliver 20 percent better fuel economy than the outgoing engine.”

Is it any wonder that the Ford E-Series van celebrated 50 years and is best selling for 31 years? Read this:

“After 50 years of faithful service, Ford is commemorating the Econoline van with the launch of a special edition model. The new model will be fully-loaded, compete with the XLT package, distinctive metallic blue paint, and it will feature seats embroidered with a new “Econoline 50 Years” logo.”

Is Ford brave or confident to laugh at themselves via The Onion? Have you seen Ford’s stock prices rising?

“While it takes a humorous jab at the state of the economy and the automotive industry in general, it unintentionally brings focus to an actual problem. The aftermath of Cash for Clunkers is subtle but present – there are many Americans who rely on cheap, basic transportation for their survival. C4C eliminated a huge number of vehicles that may otherwise have been that “$650 cash” vehicle for people needing basic transportation.”

European style for the compact Ford Fiesta and more bang for your buck! Bizarre? NY Times says:

“The Ford Fiesta is a subcompact in the ambitious Fit idiom. It’s not the least expensive small car you can buy (or even, perhaps, the least expensive Ford). But the 2011 Fiesta hews to the European hatchback ideal, and Europeans hold the bizarre expectation that small vehicles should act like real cars.”