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New App Helps F-150 Owners Pick Up More Functionality. Funny, right? Pick Up more!

More than half of all F-Series drivers regularly use their trucks for towing, which is part of the reason Ford made sure its 2011 pickup roster debuted with best-in-segment maximum tow ratings across the board. And now the company is launching an exclusive new technology that will help those drivers take advantage of that maximum power with minimum hassle: The Truck App.

Ford Focus and C-MAX Drive European Sales In March. Coming here soon?

You may not see the all-new Ford Focus and Ford C-MAX on the road until later this year, but they’re already hot sellers in Europe. Ford was Europe’s No. 2 best-selling brand last month, and much of that momentum was attributed to the popularity of the all-new Focus and C-MAX models.

Ford Earns Two Patents for Fuel-Efficiency Technologies. Save us more gas Ford!

While their advanced hybrid powertrains are key enablers of their best-in-class fuel economy, cars like the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid also pack a wide range of other efficiency enhancers, all working together to deliver optimum performance for environmentally conscious drivers. Among them: Ford’s unique SmartGauge with EcoGuide, a breakthrough so innovative it just received two patents from the U.S. government.

Ford Pushes For Electric Vehicle-Readiness. Getting your city ready for EV!!

Ford is preparing to launch the all-new Focus Electric later this year and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid in 2012. In an effort to ensure the success of these highly-anticipated models, Ford is working with cities and utility partners around the U.S. to identify key infrastructure building blocks that will enable metropolitan areas to be EV-ready.

Ford Explorer Guides Park Visitors. App to guide you in the park! Fun stuff!

The American Park Network, the Student Conservation Association and Ford Motor Company have come together to create the free Oh, Ranger! Park Finder iPhone app. The app is sponsored by the 2011 Ford Explorer and helps users locate more than 6,000 parks and public lands across the U.S. including national forests, wildlife refuges, Bureau of Land Management sites and US Army Corps of Engineer recreation areas. The published Oh, Ranger! Guides are read by more than 20 million park enthusiasts each year, the app version is available for the iPhone, iPad and soon the Android, making public park information easily accessible to more park visitors.

Ford Vehicles Are Nothing To Sneeze At, because they study allergens. Good thinking Ford!

Spring is in the air, which can only mean one thing — allergies. Millions of people suffer from allergies which is why Ford has gone to great lengths to ensure its new vehicles are as “allergy friendly” as possible. Ford’s new C-MAX MPV has been granted the “Allergy Tested Interior” Seal of Approval by Germany’s world renowned TÜV Rheinland testing authority. The vehicle was also awarded the Quality Certificate by the Berlin-based European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.

Ford SYNC 911 Assist. Subscription-Free Peace of Mind. No waiting to get assistance!

In November of 2010, Paul Bedewi was driving his Ford F-150 Platinum through a busy intersection near Washington, D.C., when another driver ran a red light, striking Bedewi’s truck head on at a speed of 50 mph. At first disoriented by the impact, it took crucial minutes for Bedewi to even think about calling for help—luckily, however, he didn’t have to. His F-150, boasting Ford’s SYNC system with standard 911 Assist, had done it for him.

The 911 Assist feature is an integral part of SYNC, offering the benefits of automatic technology without the drawbacks found in competitive systems. For example, because 911 Assist is not a subscription-based service, drivers don’t have to worry about renewals or paying monthly fees. Further, instead of relying on a third-party advisor, who then contacts first-responders, the Ford system connects drivers directly to a 911 operator.

Ford Hybrids are rated highest for payback and fuel cost savings compared to competitors. Thanks Ford!

With gas prices on the rise, the interest around fuel efficiency and hybrid vehicle options is top of mind for potential car buyers. But are all hybrids created equal? Recent industry studies show that certain hybrid models provide car buyers with much more bang for their buck, and the Ford Fusion Hybrid and Ford Escape Hybrid are at the top of those lists, demonstrating the best return on investment compared to competitors. lists the Ford Escape Hybrid and Ford Fusion Hybrid as class leaders for best monthly fuel cost in the publication’s annual best and worst monthly fuel cost estimates analysis. The hybrid versions of both vehicles led the pack for best monthly fuel costs, with consumers paying over $100 less for fuel per month, compared to competing vehicles.

Make your driving more eco-friendly. Want to know how?

In honor of Earth Month, we take a look at ways we can green up our driving. What began back in 1970 in the United States as an initiative to bring to light decades of environmental pollution has become a worldwide movement of awareness.                   

Five Vehicles Men Buy the Most. What do you think they are?

Guys are simple. They like pickup trucks and also aspire to own fast, racy cars.

While such blatant simplicity has serious flaws, it is definitely a fair conclusion from looking at the lists of the top five vehicles with the highest percentage of men and women buyers. Men go for looks, while women go for practicality, according to a study of about eight million 2010 retail car-buying transactions by And besides favoring fuel efficiency, women also seem to like imports.