Archive | 05/21/2011

Ford SYNC 911 Assist. Subscription-Free Peace of Mind. No waiting to get assistance!

In November of 2010, Paul Bedewi was driving his Ford F-150 Platinum through a busy intersection near Washington, D.C., when another driver ran a red light, striking Bedewi’s truck head on at a speed of 50 mph. At first disoriented by the impact, it took crucial minutes for Bedewi to even think about calling for help—luckily, however, he didn’t have to. His F-150, boasting Ford’s SYNC system with standard 911 Assist, had done it for him.

The 911 Assist feature is an integral part of SYNC, offering the benefits of automatic technology without the drawbacks found in competitive systems. For example, because 911 Assist is not a subscription-based service, drivers don’t have to worry about renewals or paying monthly fees. Further, instead of relying on a third-party advisor, who then contacts first-responders, the Ford system connects drivers directly to a 911 operator.