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Did you know that Ford performs extreme road tests to design vehicles for the worst road conditions?

Ford engineers know that not all roads are created equal. Some are pockmarked with potholes. Others simply consist of merciless off-road-like tracks. Only a blessed few roads around the world are kind to the vehicles driving over them. Engineers know that too many drivers speed over four-inch-deep potholes or take turns too fast on cobblestone roads.               

A Special Message from Train to Ford Fans via Video!

A Special Message from Train to Ford Fans at the New York International Auto Show

25 Most Electric Vehicle-Ready US Cities from Ford. Check it out!

See the full list here: on Ford’s media site. What data did Ford Motor Company take into consideration while ranking the 25 most electric vehicle-ready cities in the US Mike Tinskey, Ford’s manager of Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure, breaks down the key factors that went into developing this list and what can be done moving forward to improve the viability of EVs.

Ford rocks 1st quarter with $2.6 billion profit!

Ford’s $2.6-billion first-quarter profit — the strongest in 13 years — proved that a U.S. automaker can sell smaller cars profitably by offering features consumers want, such as heated leather seats, even in economy models such as the new Ford Fiesta.             

Ford Survey: Parents Say They Drive Safely but Teens Observe Troubling Risks

U.S. teens and tweens say their parents are riskier drivers than they claim, according to a new national survey commissioned by Ford Motor Company. While nearly all parents say they are safe drivers and good role models for their kids, more than half (51 percent) admit their teens and tweens have asked them to slow down, stop talking or texting by hand, or practice other safe driving behaviors.

Ford EcoBoost Engines are Conserving Fuel, Adding Sales, Attracting New Customers

The EcoBoost™ engine family isn’t just giving some Ford vehicles a bump in fuel economy. The engines also are giving Ford sales a boost by attracting customers who had not previously considered a Ford brand product.“EcoBoost is like having your cake and eating it, too,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford group vice president for Global Product Development. “The unmatched combination of responsive power with responsible fuel efficiency is attracting new customers to Ford showrooms.”                       

Take Me to the Future, and Step on It! New cab hits NYC. The Ford transit Connect.

“FUTURE cab?” the taxi driver, Arif, asked with a smile. He had pulled his battered Ford Crown Victoria alongside the gleaming new vehicle I was driving around Columbus Circle and took pictures with his cellphone camera as if he had spotted a celebrity on the street.

In a way, he had. I was driving a Ford Transit Connect, one of three finalists in the competition to become New York City’s next taxi. The Transit Connect, which Ford also sells as a hardy little delivery van, wore an aspirational yellow-and-black checkerboard paint job.

Ford Explorer Go Do Adventures Campaign Kicks Off

Ford wants consumers to suggest how they would use an Explorer to create their own unique adventure. The “Go Do Adventures” campaign encourages consumers to submit essays, photos and videos of these adventures through Facebook.                                   

Ford Named Full Line Automotive Brand of the Year 2011

The Ford Motor Company recently took the top spot as Full Line Automotive Brand of the Year in the 2011 Harris Poll EquiTrend study, a comprehensive analysis of automotive brand strength implemented by Harris Interactive, one of the world’s leading market research firms. The results are based on a nationwide consumer survey that looks to such areas as brand equity, consumer connection, commitment, brand behavior, brand advocacy and trust.