Archive | 01/01/2013

New video on the 2012 Ford Escape at Future Ford of Sacramento near Rancho Cordova. 888-577-0454 Whether traveling on or off road, the available Intelligent 4WD System in the Escape is always on, working to help provide maximum traction. What is so smart about the system is its ability to sense traction input 200 times per second and automatically adjust torque distribution as needed. Such adjustments work to help ensure maximum grip where the rubber meets the road. Comes in handy in the Sacramento area.

Future Ford of Sacramento and the 2012 Ford Taurus near Sacramento star in this video! 888-577-0454 Taurus SHO is the first and only vehicle in its class to feature EcoBoost technology. This engine provides better fuel economy and fewer emissions compared with a V8. EcoBoost combines two different technologies, turbocharging and direct-injection, to deliver the performance of a much larger engine with the fuel economy of a smaller one. It unleashes 365 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque across a wide 1,500-5,000 rpm range.

Future Ford of Sacramento near Folsom presents the 2012 Ford Fusion near Folsom video. 888-577-0454 Does having a powerful engine mean you have to sacrifice economy? The answer is no, if you’re driving a Ford Fusion. The 2.5L Duratec I-4 engine generates 175 horsepower and 172 lb.-ft. of torque, while delivering impressive city and highway mpg. And imagine getting 41 miles per gallon and being able to travel more than 700 miles on a single tank of gas in city traffic. That’s the kind of mileage you can expect to get in a Fusion Hybrid.

Future Ford of Sacramento near Roseville has the 2012 Ford Explorer near Roseville video. 888-577-0454 Whether the road is filled with gravel, covered with ice or soaked by rain, the easy-to-use, shift-on-the-fly Intelligent 4WD System on the 2012 Explorer helps provide sure-footed traction. Intelligent 4WD is fully automatic, instantly delivering traction to the wheels with the most traction when wheel slip is detected. Working in concert with the 4WD System is the Terrain Management System, which allows you to easily shift on the fly into one of four settings to match the terrain you’re driving in. Take your pick of Normal, Mud-Ruts, Sand or Grass-Gravel-Snow.