Archive | 01/10/2013


If you listen to the news media you might think that every car dealership is out to get you to pay more than you should and kick you to the curb before the ink is dry on your paperwork.

And if you’ve had a bad experience with a car dealer like that you probably think all car dealers treat their customers poorly.

Before you buy your next Ford F150 at a Ford dealer in Folsom, before you waste your time looking for a new Ford Fusion at a Ford dealer in Elk Grove, visit the dealership that over 3000 customers every year rate as EXCELLENT, Future Ford of Sacramento ( on Madison Ave just off Highway 80.

See if this makes sense:  over 200 residents of Folsom, Folsom Lake and Elk Grove bought their new Fords at Future Ford of Sacramento AFTER visiting the Ford dealer closest to them.

Comments like:

  • “Best experience we’ve ever had buying a car”
  • “The salesperson listened to us and helped us find a better vehicle than we thought we could afford”
  • “Why don’t other dealers do it as well as Future Ford of Sacramento?”
  • “I could believe how easy it was to buy at Future Ford of Sacramento especially after our experience at another Ford store”
  • “I’m giving Future Ford of Sacramento 5 stars because no one has a 10 star rating.  Even my husband was happy!”

There is a point to this article.  Shop anywhere you like but when it comes time to buy a new Ford or a used Ford or service your Ford, even if you live near Folsom Lake Ford or Elk Grove Ford, your best price and your best experience may be at Future Ford of Sacramento and