Archive | 03/21/2013

Customers Abandon Toyota Prius and Honda CR-V in favor of Ford C-Max

Ford’s new C-Max hybrids are achieving sales dominance at the expense of Toyota Prius and Honda CR-V. Right now the C-Max conquest rate is roughly 64 percent with Toyota’s Prius V and Honda’s CR-V as the top models losing market share to the all new 2013 Ford C-Max. Ford’s share of the hybrid market in the United States grew almost 9 percent in the past year (December 2011- December 2012) while the market share of Prius dropped by 8 percent.

In a March 2013 article, Forbes Magazine Online said:

Ford’s new C-Max hybrids are achieving the corporate aim of eating into the dominance of Toyota Prius in the segment, so Ford is doubling down with an extension of the popular TV-advertising campaign that launched the vehicle. Ford’s share of the U.S. hybrid market grew by nearly 9 percentage points between December 2011 and December 2012, mostly from the October launch of C-Max, the company said, while Toyota’s share of hybrids dropped by 8 percentage points even though last year was the first complete year on the market for the company’s expanded line of Prius models. Additionally, initial sales data show that C-Max is stealing hybrid sales away from other brands at an impressive clip: Its conquest rate is about 64 percent, with Prius and the Honda CR-V ranking as the top nameplates abandoned by customers in favor of C-Max.