Archive | 07/06/2013

Congrats to Sacramento Citizen Annie Johnson for winning National Brewer of the Year!

Sacramento’s Annie Johnson bested 3,400 entries to become the first woman in 30 years to win “Brewer of the Year” at the annual American Homebrewers Conference in Philadelphia. News of the award was bittersweet for Johnson, 48, who opted not to attend the conference because her father is seriously ill in hospice care. She learned she won the prestigious award Saturday night.

See what this happy customer has to say about our crew here at Future Ford of Sacramento!

“I want to praise Tony Sanchez for his sincere and caring attitude, his impressive follow-up, and excellent customer service. I don’t want to leave Jeremy Dubois out of this because I remember how hard he worked to get the original problem with my car corrected and he also was instrumental in getting the misfire problem corrected. These two men are a credit to Future Ford and give me confidence that whatever problems I may have in the future, they can and will offer service of the highest quality.”


Lou Galiano