Archive | 07/25/2013

Future Ford of Sacramento presents the Top Three Ways to Save Gas this Summer!

Chill out – aggressive driving wastes fuel. The DOE reports that aggressive driving can lower gas mileage by a whopping 33 percent at highway speeds and 5 percent in the city. Keep your cool and aim for smooth acceleration and braking.

Speed – consider this: at speeds over 50 mph, your vehicle uses more fuel than it does at 40 mph. That’s pretty simple to understand. But did you know that going from 55 to 65 increases fuel consumption 10-15 percent, and increasing speed from 55 mph to 70 increases consumption 25 percent. So, be sure to obey all posted speed limits and keep your speed in check.

Cruise control – helps save fuel in two ways:

1. It controls your maximum speed.

2. It helps maintain a constant speed, so you won’t be pumping extra fuel into your engine.