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Sitting on soy!! The new Explorer will have soy in the seats. Really!! http://bit.ly/9Ah1yf

The 2011 Ford Explorer will feature soy foam in seat cushions and seatbacks. The bio-based polyurethane foam will be one of the new, eco-friendly features in the Ford Explorer which goes in to production later this year. http://bit.ly/9Ah1yf

How do you lose a time capsule? The Boy Scouts need to find it in Old Sacramento soon!! http://bit.ly/diVezJ

Sacramento Area Boy Scouts are seeking the community’s help in solving the mystery of a missing time capsule.  http://bit.ly/diVezJ

KBB.com ranks the Ford F-150 as the winner in full-sized trucks. http://bit.ly/askIq1

“The best all-around pickup available today.” http://bit.ly/askIq1

You know what? We have some pretty darn great Cops in Sacramento… http://bit.ly/9dZrd8

A big round of applause for Deputies Moen and Dukes and to those who contributed to the donations.  http://bit.ly/9dZrd8

Here is a video of the 2011 Explorer prototype driving around. I wonder what it looks like under that huge bra? http://bit.ly/9ITRhd

Some of the pictures I’ve seen make it look like the roof is chopped. That would be a nice look. http://bit.ly/9ITRhd

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!!! I missed National Chocolate Pudding Day! No way! http://bit.ly/aaigZK

“Celebrate National Chocolate Pudding Day and National Dairy Month with this dairylicious sweet treat.” http://bit.ly/aaigZK

One more week until the 4th of July! I can’t wait. Who’s got plans?

It was hard work to get the award. The Ford products and loyal customers made it possible. http://bit.ly/cVnEuL

The award recognizes the Company’s efforts to turn the corner in 2009 in the face of a global economic and financial crisis, as well as unprecedented events in the U.S. automotive industry. http://bit.ly/cVnEuL

How many laps?? I guessed 998ish. They did 1400!! http://bit.ly/aqGBJ2

Who would have thought you could get that high MPG in a Mustang?? http://bit.ly/aqGBJ2

Is anyone else happy to be at work today?

Great day at Ford today.