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The 2015 Ford Raptor will have cool improvements & Future Ford of Sacramento will keep you informed on the details!

Everyone was amazed at the 2010 debut of the first F-150 Raptor, which was the first real monster of a true high-performance off-road pickup. Many details are still under wraps, but what information is released has Ford-lovers and the rest at the end of their seats. Among the 2017 Ford Raptor’s exciting improvements in specially engineered bodywork and an excellent powertrain to go with it.


Geiger Cars turns the Ford F-150 Raptor into The Beast

With its ability to traverse harsh terrain at seemingly physics-defying speeds, the Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is quite a beast. Yet German tuner Geiger Cars found some room for improvement. The modified truck known as “The Beast” looks like a prehistoric monster. It’s covered in retina-searing green paint, contrasting black accenting and graphics. A push bar and roll bar add to the intimidation factor, and Geiger has made provisions for extra lighting to complete the off-road look.