The right car at the right time. The 1974 Ford Mustang II from 40 years ago!

Forty years ago this fall, a completely redesigned second-generation Ford Mustang hit the road and it was a radical departure from the 1973 model it replaced. Mustang II arrived in dealerships just as the Middle East oil embargo caused gasoline prices to spike and new safety and emissions regulations were taking effect. It was significantly smaller and lighter than the car it replaced and for the first time since the Mustang debuted, no V8 engine was offered! While the 1970s were a tough time for performance car enthusiasts as the raw performance of 1960s muscle cars gave way to a new breed of machines, the Mustang remained a popular choice because it evolved to be more sensibly sized and efficient to meet the times.–the-1974-ford-mustang-ii.html

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